Maui Family Portrait at Makena Surf Beach – Furnari Family

Maui Family Portrait at Makena Surf Beach – Furnari Family

Beach Family Portrait Session, Makena Surf Beach, Maui.  Photography by Mieko Horikoshi.

Message from the photographer:

What a fun time wit Furnari Family.  We choose Makena Surf Beach to do the beach portrait session.  Tara (Mom) requested a mini session since her lovely children’s attention span might not last too long at the end of the day.  Of course, they are having too much fun vacationing in Maui!

Children showed up with big smiles.  They were just so happy to be at the beach.   They were so curious and lively.  I choose 50 mm f1.8, single focal lens and move in and out accordingly to their movement rather stay in the one location and direct them what to do.

I love photographing a family with little children.  I just become a silly aunty with the camera.  Run, Laugh and make silly faces with them…  Delivering the keepsake portrait is the most important responsibility.  Yet, I want them to have a great time and enjoy the photo shoot.

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小さなお子様とマウイでのバケーション。 楽しい思い出を残したいお客様のご期待に添えるよう日々創意工夫しております。ファナリファミリーのキッズは好奇心も元気もいっぱい! 動きが早いのでそれに合わせて私も身軽に動けるように50ミリf1.8のレンズを選びました。 レンズ自体が小さいのでカメラを持って子供達の動きに合わせて私もフルスロットルで動き回ります。






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